Institute for Sustainability offers research and consulting on sustainability management and corporate responsibility (CR/CSR). The focus is on strategies, organisational solutions, reporting, communication and various sustainability issues.

Sound advice.

Our clients profit from our expertise, knowledge and research skills.

Practice oriented research.

We can draw on our vast experience to enrich research projects and ensure that the results can be implemented directly in practice.

Excellent cooperation partners.

As a small institute we rely on our successful long-standing cooperative ventures with a number of partners. We are, of course, always interested in different project ventures with new partners.

Committed to the cause.

We are concerned with both our clients’ cause and sustainable development. Our work is designed to produce long-lasting effects.

Many years of experience.

The institute was founded in 2005 by Thomas Loew, who had previously worked at the Institute for Ecological Research (IÖW) for over ten years.