Options for Designing the Energy System of the Future in Vienna

  • The challenges, posed on society by climate change and dependence on fossil fuels are becoming more and more urgent. In Vienna, the Wiener Stadtwerke (Vienna Municipal Utilities), has a major role in the development of solutions to these challenges, whereby the technical and economical framework conditions and political objectives have to be taken into account. In order to examine the scope of what can be achieved in Vienna, a study on the options for the shaping of its future energy system is in preparation.
    The study will include the following:

    • Initial situation, current trends in Vienna.
    • Requirements for the shaping of an urban energy system. 
    • State of development and perspectives of renewable energy technologies which could be potential options for the Wiener Stadtwerke. 
    • Approaches, technologies and initiatives for increasing energy efficiency in cities.

    Initially the study will be internal but extracts may be published later.

    Project Data

    Preparation: Professor Reinhard Haas (Technical University Vienna) (Project Management), Dr. Stefan Gara (ETA Umweltmanagement Environmental Management), Thomas Loew (Institute 4 Sustainability), Dr. Barbara Zeschmar-Lahl (BZL GmbH)
    Duration: late-2011 until mid- 2012              
    Client: Wiener Stadtwerke Beteiigungsanagement (BMG)

    More Information

    Sustainability-Website of the Wiener Stadtwerke: www.nachhaltigkeit.wienerstadtwerke.at

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Support in Sustainability Management Wiener Stadtwerke

  • Since 2007 we have assisted the Wiener Stadtwerke (Vienna Municipal Utilities) with its sustainability management. In this context we have not only produced internal concepts but also worked on studies that have been published. 
    Wiener Stadtwerke is primarily active in the areas of energy, transport (in particular public transport) and funerals, and is one of the ten largest employers in Austria.

    Project Data

    Preperation: Dr. Barbara Zeschmar-Lahl (BZL GmbH), Thomas Loew (Institute 4 Sustainability)

    More Information

    Sustainability-Website of the Wiener Stadtwerke: www.nachhaltigkeit.wienerstadtwerke.at

    Studies under "Publikationen"

Sustainability Report for the DVV (Public Utilities and Transport Operators)

  • Together with Akzente we are producing the first sustainability report for the DVV which will be internal initially.
    The DVV provides multiple services in the areas of energy and water supply, local public transport, and some further services in facitity management, IT and telecommunications.


    Project Data

    Preperation: Akzente Kommunikation und Beratung, Institute for Sustainability
    Duration: End 2011 to Mid 2012