Wiener Stadtwerke

Support in sustainability management, including the development of concepts, decision-making models, assisting working groups, production of surveys and cooperation in the production of sustainability reporting and a sustainability portal. Wiener Stadtwerke provides energy, public transport, funerals and further services mainly in Vienna.

Duisburger Versorgungs- und Verkehrsgesellschaft

Consultancy services for the production of their first sustainability report. DVV provides energy, water, public transport and further services mainly in Duisburg.


Assistance in the implementation of their environmental and climate protection strategy. Preparation of surveys. Creation of texts for their intranet. Bertelsman is one of the world’s 10 largest media companies.

Union Investment

Assistance in the preparation of their sustainability policy and sustainability programme.


Cooperation in the preparation of a brochure on how to implement corporate responsibility in practice.


Preparation of a third party statement on the Linde Group‘s CR report analysis 2007.


Support in the production of Bombardier Transportation’s sustainability report 2006 in cooperation with akzente kommunikation und beratung gmbh. 

Düsseldorfer Stadtwerke

Consultancy service for the production of a sustainability report 2005/2006.