English Publications on Sustainability Management


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please be aware, that in European policy and in many European companies CSR (-management) means sustainability management. So all our publications with "CSR" in the title deal with sustainability management in the core business of a company.

Most of our work is done in German, therefore only the German pages of this website give the full overview on our work. Sorry for the inconvenience.


German Federal Ministry for the Environment (Ed.) (2012)

Green Economy - Shaping change with CSR

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Clausen J., Loew T., Hall M., Loft L., Braun S. (2009)

Casestudies on CSR and Innovation: Company Cases from Germany and the USA. 

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German Federal Ministry for the Environment (Ed.) (2006)

Corporate Social Responsibility: An Introduction from the Environmental Perspective

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Loew T. (Ed.) (2005)

The Results of the European Multi Stakeholder Forum on CSR in the View of Business, NGO and Science, Discussion Paper

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Loew, T. (2005)

Results of the Spring 2005 Stakeholder Survey for the Sustainability Report of WestLB AG

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Loew T., Ankele K., Braun S., Clausen J. (2004)

Significance of the CSR Debate for Sustainability and the Requirements for Companies

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